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Chocolate Caramel Naked Cake

I’ve been a tad obsessed with naked cakes. I just think that they are classical and beautiful.

This is what a naked cake is if you haven’t seen one yet… 284 more words


Palm Tree Fondant Cake

As sad as it is, summer is coming to an end and school is starting again! In honor of these last few days of summer, I decided to go all out by making a vanilla cake with buttercream frosting and marshmallow and chocolate fondant all from scratch. 1,043 more words


Purple Plumeria Cake

Purple Plumeria Cake

August 2014

Vanilla Bean Cake (featuring homemade Big Island vanilla extract!) with Mango Curd Filling

I loved making gumpaste plumeria for a birthday cake earlier this year, so when I was called upon to make a friend’s birthday cake – who loves plumeria – my inspiration was obvious.   28 more words


Vanilla Cupcakes

I was updating my Facebook page the other day and wanted a nice photo of some cupcakes for the cover.  So I made some vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting.  225 more words


Carrot Cakes with Sheer Creamy Glaze

I was so excited to use my new sunflower mini cakes molds and the idea carrot cake made it even more exciting. The thin icing perfectly accentuate the flower design and they taste as good as they look! 242 more words


Chocolate Slice Cookies

I once saw Bake with Anna Olson on TV and I fell in love with her kitchen (and presentation style) immediately. Those sugar drawers and huge ovens *.* So recently I stumbled upon this youtube user who has uploaded plenty of Anna Olson’s cooking series and I managed to catch all the  306 more words


Betty's Better Battered Buttercream

The Icing on the Box Mix Beatdown cake: Betty’s better battered buttercream.

Bless Betty, bless her batter, bless her butter, bless her long tradition of baking aides and recipe books.   1,107 more words