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Choosing Someone to Sell Your Business


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There is a small-business owner, Ann Price, whose restaurant in Atlanta has been getting lots of press. Unfortunately, the attention has been focused less on the quality of her food and more on the fact that no one wants to buy her business. 844 more words

Cashing In On Beach Condo Investments

When you talk about investments, real estate still proves to be one of the most attractive options, and beach condos have become one of the most lucrative types of investments in recent years. 198 more words

Business Services

Choosing the Right Materials for Outdoor Areas

Outdoor living areas are considered one of the better investments one can make for his or her home. The obvious benefit is how it, when executed properly, can substantially increase the overall curb appeal and monetary value of a property. 197 more words

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Top Signs to tell you that you need Home Product Repairs

Noticing if you want repairs for the appliances will save you money. Fixing the broken appliance in the beginning can often avoid the need for any costly alternative appliance. 664 more words

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Repairing of Samsung appliances done in no time

The electrical or mechanical machines that are used to accomplish some of the major household functions like cooking or cleaning are known as home appliances. The categorization of home appliances is dependent on the repair and maintenance required by the types of appliances. 250 more words

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Home Product Repair - What to look for

When appliances for the home begin to create noise or might not be working correctly the homeowner should take serious notice. The nature of the repair is determined by what kind of problem the applying is getting. 483 more words

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Get your washing machine fixed in no time

Many times, service personnel from appliance repair companies can take their own time to respond to client complaints. If the malfunctioning appliance is a very important one, the time taken by the personnel to respond back can be a very stressful experience. 258 more words

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