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Kiehl Me | Kiehl's Cebu

Not even torrential rains and the flooded streets that resulted in the city held in a gridlock could dampen the mood this side of The Island. 1,249 more words

Chicago - Restaurants For The Out Of Towner

One of my really good friends, AJ, (a very picky eater) surprised me two weeks ago from Jersey. During his Chicago stay I decided to woo his palate with some of my frequent flyer list… Along with him were other out of towners who also were adamant about good food no matter what the cost. 192 more words


Uli's Restaurant

Burger people unite! It’s hard to find a good burger joint. I mean when I think of a burger I usually think of processed cheese, browned lettuce, and beef that has no flavour and is just thrown together by some prepubescent 16 year old (jab jab at McDonald’s). 235 more words


Killer Gourmet Burgers (KGB) ~ The Gardens Mall

I believe that KGB is not new among burger enthusiasts but based on the reviews I’ve seen floating around, they seem to have a newly improved and enlarged menu. 611 more words


Balsamic and bleu cheese turkey burgers

With this, I was trying to make something yummy that did not take a ridiculous amount of ingredients. Do you ever feel like you look between your spices and refrigerator and think: Yeah, totally gonna put all this together, and it will be heavenly! 236 more words

Cooking And Baking

Hawaii, Hawaii, Coming Home From Hawaii

From the moment that I stepped off of that plane back into Radelaide I wanted to cry. Not from happiness either. As soon as you step off of the plane your trip becomes nothing but a memory and feels more like a dream than anything else. 261 more words

A Simple Nomad

I came, I saw, I ate

I’m writing this as I wait for food from a place called Twist and Smash’d. Located two blocks from the 71st and Continental train stop and the Forest Hills LIRR station, it’s a place that runs off the sale of twisted potatoes. 208 more words