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Pamela Anderson Has Moved On From Making Money Off Her Boobs

Yes, you read that correctly, Pamela (Pam-ehh-laaaaaaaaaaaaa Borat voice) Anderson is moving on from the Baywatch Burgah to Soccer Mom Sirloin. Pamela is on the cover of the fall issue of No Tofu wearing a shirt that covers her chest. 209 more words


TMC's Guide To The Game Of College

August is coming to an end…and we all know what that means; time to go back to school. The Freshmen are nervous to leave Mommy and Daddy. 3,103 more words


Top 10 Bar Mitzvah Dance Party Songs From The 2000s

Just thought I’d take some time to bring people in their 20s back to the bar mitzvah dance party. How a person can go from prayer to listening to these songs is beyond me. 480 more words


Banter From The Burgah Bartender: How to Become the Perfect Regular

Please welcome ktfreemush to the TMC crew! She goes to Tulane with TheSecondBiggestGeach, so expect some hilarious blogs retelling the stories of his nightly antics. As a female bartender, she will be able to provide unique perspective into many relationships and situations. 388 more words


Four Gentlemen Who Get Pleys, Burgah, Zoot, And Are Cultured

2 Moones, 1 Mook, and 1 Mush Reppin TMC

Send us a picture of your group throwing up the TMC for your chance to be on our website. 11 more words


The Girl You Shouldn't Date: The Basic Broad

“The Guy You Shouldn’t Date: The Basic Bro” has made its way around the internet, penned by our friend over at Sparkles and Secrets, Mackenzie Newcomb.   791 more words