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Demi Lovato Defends Little Sis On Twitter -- Details Here!!

Demi Lovato has announced on Twitter that her little sis Madison De La Garza has been diagnosed with  severe Scoliosis which is an abnormal curvature of the spine from side to side. 199 more words

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Bullying issues, bullies, and Kids being bullied.

Just in time for school, Josh Berger (http://www.bergercounseling.com), one of our counselors at Alethia (LPC Intern) has written an article about bullying.  We hope it is helpful to you! 682 more words

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Get Some Thick Skin For Crying Outloud!

I have been thinking a lot lately on why people get so offended by the smallest of things. Sometimes it doesn’t even relate to them personally, but they choose to be offended by it or they seem to make it about themselves so they can thrive on that feeling of being offended. 970 more words


Forget Me Not ~Disrespected~

If a mother makes insults their child, they carry that on forever. If a mother gets told the Daughter or son is a lesbian or gay, then what is the child to think? 36 more words

Forget Me Not

Desperate Reflections: Available Through Booktrope Publishing

Desperate Reflections, the third book of the Alexis Davenport series is now available through your favorite online book sellers!


In this final book of the Adventures of Alexis Davenport Series, we find Alex dealing with more drama than ever: her first break-up, her mom’s new boyfriend, and attempting to learn the secrets of her “gift” on her own. 50 more words


Chicken and Fish

“John! Wake up! It’s 8:30! Schools in 15 minutes! Out of bed, let’s go!”

John ambled out of bed, rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, and stumbled into the same pair of pants he wore yesterday. 1,244 more words


Game. Set. You've met your match in me. Bring it!

It is escalating. Today was incredible. I am literally seeing someone slowly loose their mind. I am the scapegoat. It is amazing. I have flawless relationships in all other aspects of my professional career, except for with this one person. 557 more words