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The Great Money Delusion

The capitalist system in western society has caused many of us to become addicted to wealth and be dominated by the pursuit of money and power. 324 more words


If You Aren't a Buddhist Monk, No Robes For You

The Dalai Lama is right, enough with the robes already. If you aren’t a monk, a member of a monastic community, no robes for you. So says me. 250 more words

Tibetan Buddhism

Slightly Profound Man quote...

If in any doubt at all of how incredibly slightly profound; Slightly Profound Man’s words really are! Then look no further than the extent to the narrow and seemingly non existent attention paid to his words by hardly anyone at all… 21 more words


Not Taking What Is Not Given | Abhaya-cariya

I undertake the training rule to refrain from taking that which is not given.

The training rule to refrain from taking that which is not given can be understood simply as refraining from theft and stealing but, if we pay close attention to the wording of the precept, we see that there are other possible interpretations which require a much more careful approach.

228 more words

ordinary miracles

POSTCARD #90: Delhi: Now it’s September and there’s been some proper rain, temperatures have started to drop. Wonderful, no need to have the AC running, I go around the house in the morning when it’s not raining and open every single door and window that’ll open. 716 more words


On the road to Compostella part 4

The true home of the pilgrim is the open road. On the road everyone is equal. There is no entrenched routine or identity. On the road we create ourselves each day and meet those we encounter with an open heart.