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25 Before 25

Earlier this week, I celebrated my 24th birthday. I spent the day at orientation for my upcoming Public Relations degree, securing a room in a beautiful townhouse, celebrating with friends in downtown Toronto, and reflecting on all that I’ve achieved and experienced over the past year. 358 more words


Snapshots Saturday: Mykonos, Greece

There are those places, people, even things, that are forever ingrained in our memories, like taking snapshots of moments –capturing them into tangible representations of intangible, irreplaceable, incomparable pieces of our personal history. 6 more words


30 before 30


I’ve entered my twenties and full-blown young adulthood. I have one decade to get these done.
As I check them off, I will write about it. 145 more words


Weekly Reading, Vol. 11

1) Here’s a fun gallery of cats who served in WWI.  In contrast, our resident stray, Fred, seems to just steal the chicken bones from our trash and sunbathe. 205 more words

Weekly Reads


The other morning I was on my way to work, running a bit late as usual, because I’m ALWAYS running late. I was born late. I’m known for showing up to parties/events late. 686 more words

Bucket List

I Slept in a Wigwam!

I never knew this could be an option, never knew this place even existed but while on my spiritual journey through Arizona – I slept in a Wigwam! 221 more words