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Different Kinds of Honest, Or, How to Lose Friends Fast

I recently noticed someone saying that they felt they were losing their friends because they were too honest.

I have a similar issue, but I know now that the problem was actually with brutal honesty. 401 more words

Things To Think About

The explosion

Backwoods mothe F***ers you all can go to hell,
Ignorant hicks that have nothing better to do but to carry tales,
Dog haters be damned forever and a day, 925 more words

Why I Will Never be the Nice Girl, and Why I Refuse to Stop Being Mean

When I was 9, my friend’s mom said I was self-centered. It broke my heart.

When I was 12, a boy from school said I was mean. 1,094 more words

Christian Living


It didn’t take much to tire me out. It didn’t take much for me to want a drink. I ordered the dark brew of something that was both beer and scotch. 317 more words

To be honest

Wrote this some time ago, but didn’t want to publish it for certain reasons, but upon reading it again I feel like sharing:

Life has been….less than easy lately.   1,031 more words

Diary of a SuperChump - My 40-day journey back to God

It is too late for me.’ ‘I have made a mess of things.’ ‘I just want to scrawl into a hole and die.’ ‘Nobody will ever love me.’ These words are likely familiar to those who are battling through the reality of seemingly unforgivable mistakes and unforgettable decisions made in the abyss of immorality. 126 more words