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16. Thaw, page 245, September 2

“You needn’t worry about Ethan Walker.” Mr. Milroy swallowed his barely contained agitation. “The man may have strange ways, but I’ve never seen anyone less given to worldly goods in all my borned days.” 323 more words

Serial Fiction

Who Wore It Best?

I just love seeing Fox in Jude’s old outfits. I remember how cute I thought they were the first time around. So, I am imagine we have 5 more years of doppelganger pictures. 40 more words


Football season

Football season is upon us.  Now, I love football and many other sports for that matter.  However, what I do not love is the fact that it gives my husband another distraction.   145 more words


Calling Prayer Warriors to Battle

It has been brought to my attention through my experiences this past year that through every struggle we are given tools for survival. This has had me thinking about innovation and the progress of humanity. 485 more words

Ethan's Preschool

Last week we had the opportunity to check out Ethan’s new classroom and to meet his new assistant teacher and some of his classmates (one will be returning from last year).   41 more words


The boys got some fun mail last week.  Grandma Cleve sent some new books and cars in the mail!  


And Aunt Jennie sent a postcard from New York.   35 more words

Purity Tip Tue 9-2-14

Replace a habit with a habit. Are you still struggling with masturbation? What have you replaced it with? Running 3 miles every day? Stamp collecting? Scuba diving? 34 more words