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You know, I thought it would be fine,
You came back, claiming that you miss me,
But somehow it feels like you don’t need me, 98 more words


•from the desk of the broken hearted•

I don’t need to hurt myself
And I don’t need that blade
Maybe I can lay it down
And let these new scars fade

I don’t need to etch the words… 48 more words


He Hit Her.

I saw him hit her and I couldn’t stop myself. I had to say something. Here is what happened. It was almost 11:00 pm, and we were headed back home after staying a short while at Jams Addis to celebrate their 1-year anniversary, and to support my friend’s reggae band (resident band performing on Thursdays and Saturdays). 1,130 more words


The first aid to a broken heart

When I was still socially active, I was part of the first aiders under the ROTC unit in which I was taught how to mend and take care of physical wounds. 511 more words


Micropoetry #7

Coffee’s turning cold
Eyes met no more
Say something, please.
Even if you don’t love me.
But then I know; for sure
When one door’s closes,
another will open.


A Letter To Her

I don’t pretend to know you at all,
We’ve never spoken a word,
But you’re the one who took my place,
The one that he preferred. 328 more words


From a broken heart

Thoughts from Maya

I wrote this poem years ago, when my heart had just been broken. I have never think of myself as a good writer, especially because most of my writing is in English, which is my second language. 334 more words