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New Podcast: Doctor Who Debrief!


After much clowning around, I’ve started a new podcast with my flatmate Rob.

The hope is to review each week’s new Doctor Who episode in an audio/video combo format. 35 more words


The Honourable Woman

There’s a middle ground on which some shows try to balance. On one side is a show which explains everything to the audience, spelling out the plot, characters and background so that nothing is left to the imagination. 631 more words


Ranking modern Doctor Who: part one (bottom of the barrel)

I am incredibly opinionated on all things Doctor Who, so naturally I wanted to share my rankings with the world. But I also like being different than everybody else, so instead of posting them before the 50th, I waited until Matt Smith’s run ended.¬† 1,373 more words


The Other One (1977-79)

Short lived sitcom that’s not all that funny. Richard Briers¬† is Ralph Tanner and Michael Gambon is Brian Bryant. They are two bachelors on a package tour of Spain. 335 more words


Dark Side to Loving International TV

Just a reminder, there will be an Aunty Ida-centered contest launching this week! Keep coming back for the details and to find out what you can win. 309 more words


Surprised That TV Can Still Surprise Me: 'Southcliffe'

When you have studied cinematic story structure and (more importantly) watched a lot of TV, it takes a lot to be surprised by TV shows. Truly, genuinely surprised and shocked. 508 more words


Sex Traffic

In this wildly celebrated two-part work, made originally for British TV, two Moldavian girls, attracted by life and work in London, are unwillingly drawn into the sex industry as they are illegally trafficking across Europe. 76 more words