The Bridge.

It will always be shaky.

As you continue moving  along the path of unforgiveness, you tell me that it is not the first thing that comes to mind, but the first thing that is displayed amongst hearts. 106 more words

The bridge

Recently I’ve been in Newcastle with my friends.We just could not wait to see the bridge but the weather was so sooo sh*t that we spent only few minutes on it. 14 more words

#684: Jump off a bridge

“If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you, too?”

I can now answer for certain, yes.  Yes, I would. 52 more words



 Assignment #1 – I AM

Project Assessment – Assignment #1 / I AM / September 2, 2014

For this assignment, I learned how to use the basic functions of Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop including: importing images into Adobe Photoshop from Adobe Bridge, resizing images, cropping images, inserting text, the use of Smart Objects and the use of the Free Transform function on Photoshop. 214 more words


The Bridge Is Over: Sonos Adds Simpler Wi-Fi Setup to All Its Speakers | Gadget Lab

Sonos just announced a firmware update that eliminates the need for the Bridge, which had to be physically connected to a router with an Ethernet cable for any Sonos system to work. 123 more words

Streaming Apps & Devices

14.034 #Selfie under the Bridge

Stunned by the eye-catching view, we dared ourselves to search what’s under the bridge connecting the main city of Abu Dhabi and an island called as Saadiyat.  22 more words


Sonos gets more affordable as PLAY:1 speaker hits $170, Bridge hardware no longer required

Today, Sonos announced a key software update that many users have been waiting for: no longer is the Bridge accessory required for a wireless Sonos system. 222 more words