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How To: Deal with Breakups

I’m actually terrible at dealing with breakups. When I break up with someone, I always run back. 

Here’s a few do’s:

  • Hide his social media – take him off your Facebook newsfeed so you don’t get surprised by him moving on, unfollow his Instagram and Twitter, delete his snapchat.
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Have you found yourself?

I’ve been struggling with this thought for years. I remember thinking in high school that I was allowed to be confused and that once I got into college and was living away from my family that I would finally figure out who I was supposed to be. 611 more words


Absent Feelings

Removing yourself from my life
was not the answer
Didn’t you ever hear the phrase
absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Or did you know that the ghosts of you… 27 more words


A Numbing

“A Numbing”

It’s called a numbing
this deadening of feeling
this closing of your heart.
You’re hollowing,
losing yourself in

You begin to realize… 115 more words


Late-Night Thought from July 27

I don’t hate you because
you didn’t want to be
with me

I hate you
Because I can’t even listen
To my favorite songs… 13 more words

Getting Back Together After a Breakup

I have never understood the idea of getting back with an ex. Couples go back and forth, in and out, off and on. I can honestly say that each time a relationship has ended, I have been pretty much done. 99 more words

Greedy Love


I woke up feeling a bit not myself. Tired to say the least. Not mopey I’m glad. Off to work I got myself together. Plugged in the straightener. 376 more words