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The Draught

As I write this, it has been 2 months.  2 months since I’ve slept with a guy, kissed a guy, had any romantic interactions with a guy.   634 more words

Break Up Blogging

An 'adult' relationship blogger

As a self-titled relationship and dating blogger I am aware I have been pretty poor at keeping you updated on my ‘personal life’ for the past few months. 471 more words

Boys & Men

Fantasies that Get the Best of Us (I)

Just like I said in my previous post, working for a corporation got to be soul-drenching for me. Thus, even when I found the time to go out, I was oftentimes too nervous and short-tempered to be able to enjoy myself or…others. 971 more words


Let's talk about sex ..

I keep reading about how sex with a pwBPD = pornstar sex, addictive sex … the kind of sex that makes it hard to walk away and makes it oh-so easy to want to recycle. 431 more words


Enchanting Chaos

I shouldn’t write about you.
Writing about you is like removing a bandage so slowly.

I know we’ve been distant.
I know we’re incompatible.
I know that I’m acid and you’re base, 141 more words

The Case Of The Unexpected Email

When I first wake up, Modern Philosophers, I like to fire up the laptop and check the email that has accumulated while I slept.

It’s usually just a bunch of notices from WordPress about readers liking or commenting on my blog posts, but I am always on the lookout for a good night email from The Girl Who Is Far Away or something about my screenwriting career. 513 more words



You know, even though we’re not together anymore…

I still overthink.

What is he doing right now… Is he out with his friends.. Is he checking out other girls.. 135 more words