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Rising to the Occasion

There have been good times in my life, and there have been times when I couldn’t imagine life being any worse. With everything I have been through, I have managed to make it out the other side. 298 more words


Dare to be a Daniel

Verse 1:
Standing by a purpose true,
Heeding God’s command,
Honor them, the faithful few!
All hail to Daniel’s Band!

Dare to be a Daniel, 87 more words


The Brave Song

As I awake a tidal wave of anxiety rolls in and pins me to my bed.

I hear the kids downstairs, and that tone of voice means one thing—a fight will ensue. 593 more words

I Just Learned Something Very Troubling . . .

My Step-Daughter thinks I am afraid of her father. Allow me to explain a little better. My Step-Daughter’s father is a “prick” and that is an understatement. 335 more words


Wait...we're living?

Death was never something that scared me until earlier this year. My Grandpa died at the age of 74 from a aggressive form of cancer. To me, 74 seemed extremely young still. 432 more words


Link Love for the Week of August 25

A few days late, here are all the links to all the fun places I traveled to last week:

National Parks

Finding Bravery in a Bear Costume

Life’s funny in the way it plays out, in the way it unfolds, and in the way it shows you the things you deserve whether you think so or not. 974 more words