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What really happened....

My physical friend and online friend Ant gave his story about what had happened this past weekend. While most of it seems accurate I would like to give you the nightmare that was saturday from my perspective. 1,200 more words



The only time the
rabbit eats hay is when he’s
hand fed. What a bitch.

Influenced by Tom and Jerry



Growing up in the 80s, I have vivid recollections of Tom and Jerry, which until today remains my all time favourite cartoon.  I have to say Jerry has influenced me a lot more than Tom only because I seem to have the tendency to to gravitate towards hilarious violence, although by nature, I can be seemingly calm!!! 470 more words

State of Bratwurst

As old as Wisconsin and as different as the next county can be the quintessential Brat Fry. There are several ways to prep and cook brats in Wisconsin, … 707 more words

Questioning Forgiveness

Recently I had a very dramatic encounter with a good friend of mine. We have been close friends for the past year and have learned to trust each other more than friends I have known for years, or so I thought. 622 more words

Somewhat Serious

Po co z psem na spacer?

Ja wychodzę przede wszystkim, żeby zaspokoić jego potrzeby fizjologiczne, na drugim miejscu stawiam rekreację i aktywność fizyczną a na trzecim własną przyjemność. Dwa pierwsze punkty podchodzą pod obowiązek. 140 more words

The Brat @ gmail.com

A few days after the Brat was born, I was saying his name to myself, thinking random thoughts… and suddenly I hit upon a great joke. 972 more words