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#Answer to Daily #Challenge - August 31, 2014 - Sunday's #Brainteaser

The Answer to Sunday’s Brain Teaser

Sunday Brain Teaser
Difficulty Level: Easy to Intermediate

Solve this Puzzle

This weeks Brainteaser is a situation puzzle or thinking puzzle, that can be solved by asking a series of yes or no questions.

72 more words
Daily Challenge

My friend and his granddaughter

There are numerous puzzles about ages, and most of them can be solved with elementary algebra, though the hassle of tracking forward and backward into time can sometimes be confusing. 39 more words


Brain Challenge & A Funny: August 25

I found this little brain challenge on Pinterest, and I thought it would be fun to share it with you. (I’ll be putting this in front of Grace later today to see how she handles it, too.) :) 23 more words

Home School

Friday fun brainteaser quiz

For those of you who enjoyed our recent number quiz here is another one to “tax” the brain cells! For those of you going away on your summer holidays this might be a good way to while away time on the beach. 176 more words

The Lighter Side

Stefan de Banach

The Polish mathematician Stefan de Banach could have said: In the year x I was x^2 years old.

What is the next year in which a person can be born and later make this claim? 6 more words


Quips and Riddles for Shits and Giggles

Hey there beautiful and (more likely) not so beautiful people! Like things that make you laugh and/or think, but aren’t so desperate to find it that you would even go to the 2nd page of Google search results? 630 more words