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In the night...

In the night we see better…the plan to which we’ve been destined to.

When the clouds disappear and the sky is lit by the roaring cars… 189 more words


it's August 28th, and I'm mad.

This morning I woke up to two text messages. One was a picture of a hilarious dog. The other was from a friend of mine who was confused because she thought she was on a date last night but just wasn’t sure. 694 more words

Short Stories of the Month: September 2014

Why short stories? Not even short story collections or anthologies but stand-alone, honest-to-goodness short stories. After all, the novel has often been treated as the measure of an author’s greatness and his/her short stories considered as afterthoughts or, worse, decorative paraphernalia in a career of writing. 772 more words


My New School Is Not What I Expected!

I started teaching at my new school, Yeil Christian International School (YCIS), today. It has a smaller student body than I had anticipated, but that is not a bad thing. 139 more words


What changed?

We spoke all day everyday…..what changed?

We dreamt about the future we were going to have….what changed?

We looked forward to each other’s company….what changed? 71 more words


Oh, Boy's.

Claire is 16 months old and my usual concerns with her range from whether or not she’s holding my hand while going outside, brushing her teeth, making sure mangos and French fries are not all that she eats, and making sure I have a… 653 more words