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Blast from the Past: O-Town's New Single "Skydive"

Boy bands do seem to be making a strange comeback lately, with the Backstreet Boys continuously touring, and young boy bands like One Direction and… 152 more words


The Friday Five: Nick & Knight's Greatest Hits

In case you haven’t heard, Nick & Knight’s debut album will be released next week!  The album, out September 2nd, is a collaboration between all time boy band greats Nick Carter and Jordan Knight.   234 more words


Omg I rarely check my “promo” mail on my gmail account but I saw this message :

Because you like “Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely” by Backstreet Boys, we think you’ll enjoy this new release by Nick Carter and Jordan Knight.

77 more words
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We're Back!!!

This is super embarrassing. We haven’t had a post in almost 3 weeks. Pretty sure that’s unacceptable.

We suck. We’re in the wrong here.

What exactly were we doing? 133 more words


Ashley Parker "Touched by an" Angel

To close out the “’90s ‘That Guy’ Week,” I’m shining the spotlight on an early reality show crush, Ashley Parker Angel, who may or may not have dropped the “Angel” but I’m not even trying to get caught up in all that. 457 more words


A Look Back at The Weird Guy in Every Boy Band

We love boy bands so much that, on occasion, we close our eyes and pretend it’s 1999 all over again (hey, don’t judge.) While doing so, we started to realize a common thread: They all seem to have the one token weird guy. 115 more words


#getdowndogthursday Boy Band Edition @ Big Yoga - Thursday, August 21, 2014

YOGA+LIVE DJ+YETI SUNSHINE! This Thursday, August 21st, 6:30-8:00pm led by Laura Calcaterra and Nathan Herrington! DJ Seduction will be mixing in your favorite boy band tracks, and it’s ok if you sing during class:) Yeti Sunshine will be selling their supernaturally good snowballs after class!

Dj Seduction