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September 2, 2014 Love those recurring lessons

Face challenge, learn lesson, move on. Repeat as necessary.

From time to time, the Universe “encourages” me to repeat a lesson when I don’t show evidence of having taken that lesson into my soul. 828 more words


The wise heart seeks knowledge.

Almost four months into the “real world,” I realize just how important it is to continue pushing boundaries. After a full day of emailing, deciding, creating, and emailing again, I feel the temptation to return home to a comfortable couch and watch reruns until bed time. 155 more words


setting boundaries; allowing more freedom in my life

This summer I had a wealth of time to myself to do as I pleased, when I pleased, how I pleased. And I loved every second of being the master over my own schedule. 355 more words

Mindful & Ever Present

Four Tankas (Poems)

“The Japanese tanka is a thirty-one-syllable poem, traditionally written in a single unbroken line. A form of waka, Japanese song or verse, tanka translates as “short song,” and is better known in its five-line, 5/7/5/7/7 syllable count form.” - 107 more words


What Should I Do About Mother Dearest?

I have been pondering how to proceed with my relationship with my mother for many months (years?), so thought I’d put it out to you fabulous peeps to see if you have any advice. 709 more words


Happiness Manifesto

Towards the end of last year, when I was feeling really, really miserable and lost, my friend told me all about Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project 1,293 more words


Boundaries: What is Your Fence Keeping Inside?

Boundaries are always setup with good intentions to protect ourselves. However, your high fence of emotional boundaries might be doing more harm than good. Kim discusses how you can deal with someone who has a Fort Knox style emotional fence. 599 more words

Written By Kim Openo