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Launching an ESN : Top-down or Bottum-up ?

Creativity, disruption, agility, innovation, quality of work life … a CEO has recognized the need to change the corporate culture and decided to launch an ESN. 1,360 more words


Lacy Hearts cardigan -- the beginning

When I moved back to Bangalore, I brought back some denim yarn with me, intending to make a cardigan with it. Since my last cardigan… 256 more words


Ferguson -Sowing the Seeds of Discontent

One of my friends left this as a comment but it was so well thought out I wanted to make it a full blown post and hopefully more people will read it. 730 more words


Stellar's Jay Sweater-Shoulders

Indulge me in a little “do as I say, not as I do.”  The first time I made an EPS sweater, I ignored a step in the shoulders.  320 more words


Stellar's Jay Sweater: Joining the Sleeves

Once I had my sleeves (and body) all knitted up, it was time to join the whole thing together.  On first glance, this seems like it would be difficult to do, cumbersome and fiddly, but it’s not too tricky, actually. 274 more words


Top Down Vs Bottom Up - Which Investor Has the Edge?

By David Nelson, CFA

There’s no shortage of articles from the financial community calling for a significant market downturn. The best point out excess and froth or data that has slipped under the radar. 1,291 more words

David Nelson