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Week 6 - the one where absolutely nothing happened

Yeah. My week has been boring as fuck.

I’ve been ignoring that guy for a week now. It’s been wonderful, really. Never felt better.

I heard my best friend’s choir sing. 44 more words

Werckmeister Harmonies (2000)

Director: Bela Tarr

Stars: Lars Rudolph, Peter Fitz

Another dose of Bela boredom!

I wasn’t Bela Tarr’s biggest fan after viewing The Turin Horse. A film which gathered rave reviews from the arthouse crowd, about two of the most boring characters in the universe going about their boring daily business for a very boring week indeed. 852 more words

Que hacer cuando estás aburrido/solo en casa. What to do when you´re bored/alone at home.

Este es un post para cuando estás solo en casa y no sabes qué hacer.

This is a post for when you´re alone at home and you don´t know what to do. 216 more words


Indigenous Art Essay.

Had to write a 800 word essay on Indigenous Art, was told to post it here, so give it a read if you want.

Indigenous Art Essay


Experience the Moment

If you read my posts on mindfulness, habits and living in the present, read James Ward’s article ‘Who are you calling boring?’

Everything contains information so when we label something ‘boring’ we are giving ourselves permission to be unconcerned with it, to write it off. 22 more words

Personal Development


So, I guess this is it. I started a blog. Crazy, huh?

Okay, so maybe crazy is the wrong word. It’s not crazy, really; it’s actually perfectly ordinary. 237 more words


Brussels; The Most Boring City in the World?

It’s a bold statement, I’ll admit that. But, it’s also one that I’m definitely willing to put out there.

Traveling can’t always be the carefree, blissful, always entertaining image you build it up in your mind to be. 854 more words