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Kelly Clarkson is my power animal at Tatu is my jam

I didn’t do anything particularly productive at work today. I tried to find a song to post here, but I forget that half of everything I listen to is some sort of love / angst I don’t even know. 233 more words

Office Work

Friday 29th August

I actually logged on the computer at 07:58 but it took nearly twenty minutes to “configure”, “restart” and “shut down”.

Set a temporary cleaner up on the site induction. 295 more words


Me taking a break just means taking weird pictures of myself  and watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and of course, eating pizza.


Painting without Paintbrushes

Once the Sparkie had left from fixing the lights on the right side of the house which went dead after heavy rain and a cracked roof tile (breatheeeeeeeeeee) I found a blank canvas, some cheap paints and couldn’t be bothered looking for my paint brushes. 103 more words

Around The Cauldron

A Bee and a Birthday

I’ve made up my mind that bees are idiotic. Or at least suicidal. This one bee has been repeatedly smashing itself against this one glass window, even though I’ve left the back door and two other windows  366 more words



Life is simply boring. 

In our boredom we involve ourselves with things to cover the truth of the simplicity. Yet, I’m not saying that life is always easy. 179 more words