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Will it get better?

Relapse is hard. It’s hard when you think you’re free and clear and you can do this shit on your own and then BOOM. Relapse. My relapse was cutting again for the first time in 4 years. 786 more words

This loneliness knows no comfort

Shouldn’t the feeling of despair be less painful since it’s been here so many times before? Shouldn’t we have become acquainted and familiar and close by now and shouldn’t that make it easier? 162 more words


Finding peace in chaos

Doing this exercise helps me refocus:
“Breath in count to yourself 1, breath out count to yourself 2″
Count to 10, and start again until the stress is forgotten and melts off of you. 162 more words

30 Day Self-Esteem Challege

Day 2: List 5 Things that make you smile or happy.

1. My son

2. My niece Jayla

3. My cat Himmie

4. Being with my hole family at Christmas time. 10 more words


Gamla Mönster

Det där gick ju sådär bra. Det där gamla mönstret jag verkar ha tatuerat över hela mig, insida som utsida… Vet inte alls vad jag känner just nu? 866 more words

Borderline Buzz #02

// OK so we’ve established I officially suck and can’t take a break if I tried. But that’s Borderline at it’s peachiest. Ebbs and flows of want to be by myself to I need an ear to chew off. 1,246 more words

Cup Of Tea

30 Day Self-Esteem Challenge


The other day I was ready something on the internet and came across this self-esteem challenge. I know my self-esteem has always been low. So I thought that I would give this a try for the next 30 days. 117 more words