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31 Days of BPD - Day 6: How’s your love life?

Now, isn’t that a question? Honestly, some days I think I know the answer, then something happens to make me think it’s ok. Then it goes away again….. 1,321 more words


In hospital

I met with my care worker today and spoke with her about the situation. It’s gotten worse over night and my agitation levels have gotten higher and it feels very unsafe like I’m not really in control. 683 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Just Found The Perfect Borderline Personality Disorder Movie

I watched a film called Silent Hill recently.  On the top of it, it just seems like just some normal horror movie.  But as I paid very close attention to it, the whole point of the movie is that none of it is real, it is a movie about identity disturbance.  202 more words


Jus' gonna do my best...

Slayed that dragon last night so…. gonna try lovin the world today.

Over and out peeps.


It's more than just a bit of this and that

I’m not suicidal in the sense of making plans exactly and stuff like that. Even though I have started this art book which is basically turning out to be a ‘suicide book’ which will be left behind and within it holds all of my thoughts and feelings and what I have been going through. 830 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

On actually being happy...

I was taking the washing off the line, Pat’s 00s first, Pete’s socks and jocks and work clothes next, then I began the quick unpeg and haphazardly stuffed my own wardrobe into the basket. 445 more words


9/1/14 - Thanks For Spending Time With The Kids

Interesting holiday weekend. The last two days I’ve been going to the pool / dinner / movie with everyone. It’s her weekend so I shouldn’t see the kids at all, but I know Hunter is lonely and needs a little break. 1,040 more words

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