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Let's Get Real

Have you guys seen the new Bongo ads with Vanessa Hudgens? They’re 100% unretouched and I absolutely love it! I think we need more unretouched ads instead of flipping through a magazine of unrealistic figures ya know? 104 more words



We just put a new track of the forthcoming ‘Zibaldone’ EP by Fremdkunst online. Limited free download!


East Africa 30 Most watched videos on YouTube

Everyone has as list of the songs they think should be at the top. I personally have my list. Most are based on user voting, number of times the song has sold etc. 438 more words


The Worst Week Ever!

What a horrible week!

First my person got sick and wouldn’t take me for a walk.

Then it started thundering and I couldn’t go for a walk. 84 more words


Thunder in the Jail

What a terrible, horrible day it was!

My people locked me in dog jail and left.

It was only me and the cats in the house. 83 more words


Mischief on Me

Believe me, there has been some mischief around here.

And it wasn’t me.

It wasn’t even the cats.

It started with my person.

She pulled the sick thing – said she wasn’t up to taking me for a walk. 125 more words


On the Desert Road

I’ve been praying all week for fish and treats and I still haven’t gotten any.

Well, maybe one or two treats.

But I want constant treats all day – you know, like falling out of the sky or something. 564 more words