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Reveal Your Sexy Side

Sometimes in our quest to exude more sex appeal or flaunt our best assets, we toe that line between classy and trashy. Ultimately, being sexy isn’t about showing an abundance of skin. 181 more words

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RESTYLE IT: What To Do When Your Outfit Is Not Working

We’ve all been there; standing in front of a mirror staring at out reflection and wondering what the heck is wrong with this outfit.  In frustration you either say ‘stuff it’ and carry-on with your day or go back to an outfit you know works. 156 more words

Fashion Tips


Hi Everyone. Welcome! Hope you are doing well.

The woman body is beautiful. Having said that, it has now become a thing of deliberation/debate on whose body is the… 730 more words

Body Type

First impression is EVERYTHING. Lets work together to make yours memorable!


CLOSET Organizer

Takes place inside the home. It gives me a chance to analyze your current wardrobe, see what is lacking and fill in the missing pieces. 191 more words


The Ayurveda approach to the changing seasons

As the days lengthen into spring, you may have noticed feelings of invigoration, with an urge to exercise and reconnect with nature, for example by working in the garden or by spending time outside in the sunshine. 726 more words

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Fashion Color & Style Guides

Fashion is a personal thing, and if you want there are no set rules, whatever floats your boat. Wearing a toga to work today, could cause the occasional odd look, however the same could be said for wearing a three piece suit in medieval times. 283 more words

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