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Apparently My Toddler is Obese


The other day I stumbled on the thread of a mom terrified that her precious toddler could be obese.  I had never really thought of it as a possibility, to be honest.  1,074 more words


The Skinny on Cutting (and the Fat on Bulking?)

Everyone is different, obviously. If we weren’t, life would be boring. If you are reading this blog, it is either because I make you laugh (or my memes make you laugh) or you are interested in getting in shape. 2,001 more words


A Daughter's Pride (Part 2)

If you Missed Part 1, read it here.  This is my Mom’s journey after she decided to live, and live a life free of weight related complications.   1,338 more words

Weight Loss

Semester Goals

Hey guys! So school and recruiting for a full time job has taken up way more of my time than I had anticipated. I’m also one of those people who really can’t sit still (hence the fitness blog), so I decided to take up a part time internship at a local startup company here in Austin. 624 more words



Sehubungan dengan banyaknya pertanyaan yang masuk,kali ini saya akan menunjukan bagaimana caranya untuk mengukur kadar lemak lemak didalam tubuh atau biasa dikenal dengan Body Fat Level. 717 more words


Fitness Plan 2.0

I am hiring my fitness coach again. Half of it I need him, another half is I just want to help him out. I know lately he’s on a tight budget. 374 more words

Skipping meals make you fat

Contrary to popular belief, skipping a meal does not help you to lose weight. In fact, when you skip a meal, it confuses your body, causing your metabolism to slow down. 118 more words