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Acceptance Speech: A "Aw Hell No" to idealistic views on body image.

- never going to be under a UK dress size 10.

I have broad shoulders, not so small rib-cage, and wide hips. I’m never going to be smaller than a size 10, not because I’m lazy and don’t like putting in the work (because I have, several times tried MANY different solutions, potions, diets, and exercise routines). 317 more words


Avocado Salsa Puffs

My husband, Evan, and I live in an apartment in Lincoln Square, a great neighborhood a few miles north of downtown Chicago. The streets are tree-lined, and compared to the hustle and bustle of downtown, it’s very peaceful and quiet. 791 more words


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Breakfast sundae with pineapple whip, granola and fresh fruits - Vegan


Sundae everyone feels it is Ice cream but it is a Breakfast Sundae – it’s a dairy free, nutritious breakfast sundae that’s just as delicious. 164 more words


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Agave: syrup with low glycemic index

The Agave is a genus of succulent piante native to tropical and subtropical areas of America, in particularly Mexico. Certainly the most famous plant is… 173 more words


Dandelion: plant to be used in its entirety

The common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), mainly grows in meadows and is easily recognized by its bright yellow flowers which soon give way to soft and feathery globes called fumaroles. 138 more words


Salmon with Green Herbs

Salmon, ah, one of my favorite dishes! It’s such an easy to prepare meal that is so incredibly healthy. This recipe doesn’t require much preparation work, and is pretty much fool-proof. 181 more words


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