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Random Thoughts As I Embark On An Adventure

When my father died I got a little money and thought that maybe a retreat or “fat farm” might be good for me, but when I started pricing them out the cost was unbelievable.   1,056 more words


The Fool Fence.


We’ve all come across these people. They lie in waiting until the most opportune moment to strike. When you only have three minutes left to get to the other side of campus, they’ll be there. 309 more words

Rehab Journal Review: August 2014

Spinal Cord, August 2014

629  Clinical researchers in general share a belief of being the torchbearers of the spirit of scientific enquiry. At times, this leads to a tendency to get so consumed with… 1,243 more words

Journal Reviews

Sad blog is sad

Its probably been one of the roughest weeks of my life. Ever since I started taking my new medicine (Cymbalta) I’ve had side effects. But this past week I started taking the full dose 60mg and I got terrible leg pains. 485 more words


The Warning Signs Of A Magnesium Deficiency

As a macronutrient crucial to good health, magnesium is no slouch. This powerful mineral takes part in about 300 enzyme activities going on in your body, impacting everything from protein synthesis to blood pressure regulation. 8 more words


Free Diabetes and Heart Disease Risk Factor Testing in NYC at Third Avenue Fair on September 7, 2014!

The Heart-to-Heart Campaign, sponsored by the CTSC, continues its series of *free* testing for diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure for communities in NYC. The upcoming event on September 7, 2014, will be held during the Third Avenue Fair. 18 more words


Life two years after angioplasty: thinner, hungier and hopefully healthier

While this is a food blog and not a health blog, I ask reader indulgence for this post which will talk a bit about my health. 325 more words