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What's Your Back to School Fashion Style?

Your School Style is Sporty

You may or may not be a sports star, but you like to emulate their preference for simplicity and comfort. 76 more words


No-stress redrum! / Wrathchild in dream / What Does Your Sleeping Style Say About You?

I discovered redrum this morning, and it seems to be back to normal. Yay for no stress this time around! Also had a dream where Steve L. 114 more words


Michelle Osterhoudt Steed / What Superpower Could You Develop?

Michelle Osterhoudt Steed wanted to add me to Facebook: sure, why not? I know the name from Mikki’s SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND music group, after all! 162 more words

Phone Calls

How Productive Are You?

You Are Sometimes Productive

When it comes to productivity, you are very human. Some days, you are totally productive. On others, it’s a struggle to get much done. 73 more words


What Describes Your Beauty?

You Are a Natural Beauty

You know that it’s annoying, but beauty comes naturally to you. There’s not a lot you need to do in order to be beautiful. 73 more words


Stupid comments about banning! / What's Your Midnight Snack Personality?

I got a comment reply from an old ONTD reply yesterday saying “hahahaha you’re banned now!” What is with some people. I don’t care anymore, really, but SERIOUSLY?! 102 more words


What's Your Communication Style?

Your Style is Passive

When it comes to communicating with others, you tend to let them take the lead. You prefer to listen.
You aren’t necessarily meek or shy, but you are thoughtful. 63 more words