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Why can’t I have a common name? I mean, my name is unique. As a matter of fact, if you Google my name, I’m the only who has it. 148 more words


How you can get Freebies for your Blog

Hi my lovelies,

As you know, we are here to learn and help each other on getting better on this thing called blogging, and I am not keeping things I read and learn to myself… 369 more words


I Stole the Questions!

Have you seen Willow? Because it’s essential if you’re going to know the proper tone and inflection with which to read the title.

I haven’t answered questions in what feels like forever, so I’m stealing… 527 more words


Blog Spotlight: Valerie R Lawson

One of the reasons I began blogging was to build my platform–you know, the mantra that Kevin Costner inadvertenly began in Field of Dreams: “build it and they will come.” 290 more words


Out of My Comfort Zone

I don’t exactly know how other people who struggle with weight deal with feeling like you stick out. I’ve always been tall and once I gained weight, I became more self conscious about standing out from the crowd. 761 more words


September Art Challenges

Well Friends,

It has been a while it is amazing how quickly life disappears before you. I have been working two jobs and trying to be social. 152 more words

5 Reasons Why I Want School

School begins in a few days for most of us. I hear a lot of boo’s and groans, but surprisingly, I’m looking forward to it! I’m always that person who has her school supplies all set and ready to go right after I receive my timetable. 310 more words