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White Privilege Black Burden

For days now, I have been without words, speechless. It isn’t that I have been without thought, it is simply I have not had the heart to write the words. 1,764 more words


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"I thought I had no right to speak, but I do have a right to speak because I am human and my heart is whole." Preach it!

Questioning values and beliefs and practicing what we preach.


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About a month ago I wrote a post on “Values have to be based on something solid and greater than us.” I do see this as something important. 2,250 more words


Callianthus, Sailing and 'Travel Tickets'

1   Our Callianthus Acidanthera are coming into bloom just as some of the other flowers are fading. They are very elegant and lovely.

2   We went sailing today knowing that the wind was going to change and it did but we had a lovely sail and it was just a bit exciting! 85 more words


Memorial, Scales and Dinosaurs

1  Today we placed flowers outside Truro Cathedral for two little girls, aged 3 and 4, killed in Gaza a month ago. Oh for peace in that region. 114 more words


Wool Against Weapons - What a Day! Thanks, Jaine.

What a day that was to be a part of – exciting, satisfying and oh, so moving! We were there to stretch our pink scarf between AWE Aldermaston and AWE Burghfield, which provide the warheads for the submarine-launched missile system and to protest at the renewal of Trident at a cost of 120 billion pounds when the country desperately needs that money for health, welfare and education. 659 more words


Wool Against Weapons Event and I'm There!

As this is published today, I shall be at Aldermaston with Wool Against Weapons. I leave on the 05.53 train and return at 22.16 and will have been part of the Human Peace Scarf stretching the seven miles between Aldermaston and Burghfield, the two atomic weapons sites in the UK.   154 more words

Excitement, Peas and Costume

1  I’ve booked my tickets to Mortimer station! I’m going to be at The Wool Against Weapons demo at Aldermaston with our Peace scarf! I am so excited I haven’t the words to say!   108 more words