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Superheroes with Tiny Capes and Bald heads

For a year I was employed as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) at a Children’s Hospital in a major US city. My position on the Resource team required me to float between units wherever there was need. 456 more words



We just watched the final episode of The Killing season 3, and DAYUM what finish. That’s some very good TV right there!

Now all we have left is the short six episode season 4, and then that’s it! 14 more words


Item of the day: Little black dress from River Island

I’ve been eyeing up this little black t-shirt dress from River Island since I saw it on Katy Mitten’s Instagram account at the weekend. The only thing putting me off is that it’s like a massive t-shirt, which I’m not sure is all that flattering for my body shape; I’m more of a skater dress kinda gal. 27 more words


Chinese For Children | Kids Pick Up Quick On Foreign Languages

Learning a language is easiest as a child! The fact is known by (almost) everyone. As a matter of fact, many adults use this statement as an excuse to not learn another language. 368 more words

Art And Culture

Novel Writing — Let Me Count The Ways

Beginners sometimes ask me how a novel is written, the answer to which is: Any way at all. One knows only when it is finished, and then if one is serious, he will never do it the same way again.”— Thomas Berger, author of… 884 more words


A Darker Side?

Today, I’m introducing Anthea Rivers, as a writer of poetry and short fiction, I’m happy to have her here with us.

Anthea has recently started her own blog, however, she is not new to fictional writing. 69 more words