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Never a Wasted Moment Nor a Lost Generation

NEW YORK CITY/ PITTSBURGH (July 31, 2014) – (Courtesy Global Grind)

“Earlier this week, I had a chance to be witness to something profound for both a family and for my hometown. 323 more words

Lenny McAllister

AUSTERITY HUMBUG, bah ! Second Post

Gold standard between 1914 to 1919 was suspended by some European nation to pay for “The Great War” with paper money.

Republican President  Richard Milhous Nixon in 1973, decoupled the value of the US dollar from the price of gold. 1,144 more words

Big Brother's Rape Humor not funny...Frankie Grande leads the pack

Last season’s Big Brother group brought a little racism to the mix. BB16 has decided to bring a little sexism just for fun. Watch as castmates joke about raping Fellow castmate Victoria Rafaeli. 36 more words

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Suffering from Whitley Gilbert Syndrome

My friends sometimes joke and call me Whitley Gilbert.  Whitley is the main character in the beloved series A Different World.  Whitley’s vantage point is one of privilege and wealth.   549 more words


The Black Definition

Have you ever looked up the word “Black” in the Dictionary? 223 more words


Beyond the River: The Untold Story of the Heroes of the Underground Railroad

From the highest hill above Ripley, Ohio, you can see the five bends in the Ohio River. You can see the hills of northern Kentucky and the rooftops of Ripley’s riverfront houses. 160 more words


What Brothers Think, What Sistahs Know About Sex

The real deal on passion, loving and intimacy. What Brothers Think, What Sistahs Know About Sex rides the coattails of two bestsellers: Denene Millner’s The Sistahs’ Rules and What Brothers Think, What Sistahs Know, which she wrote with her husband, Nick Chiles. 138 more words

Black People