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Beyond the River: The Untold Story of the Heroes of the Underground Railroad

From the highest hill above Ripley, Ohio, you can see the five bends in the Ohio River. You can see the hills of northern Kentucky and the rooftops of Ripley’s riverfront houses. 160 more words


What Brothers Think, What Sistahs Know About Sex

The real deal on passion, loving and intimacy. What Brothers Think, What Sistahs Know About Sex rides the coattails of two bestsellers: Denene Millner’s The Sistahs’ Rules and What Brothers Think, What Sistahs Know, which she wrote with her husband, Nick Chiles. 138 more words

Black People

'You Can Tell Imma 'G''

“You can tell Imma g, you can tell Imma g. I got gmail, I got gspot…” Hearing this song. What song is it? I’ll check and update. 21 more words

Human Potential

Ben Carson's Take On Ferguson

While looking up articles about Michael Brown and Ferguson, Missouri I ran across an article written by the black conservative Ben Carson.  You know, for a man that was an internationally renowned neurosurgeon he sure acts idiotic at times.  954 more words


The beauty of White Privilege is you don't realize you have it

Over the past few days I have listened to the debate regarding white privilege. Some argue it simply does not exist and others argue that it is one of the impediments that stops the economic ascension of minorities, but is it real? 23 more words

Current Events

BET Suspends Producer Over Blu Ivy Joke, President Of Music Programming Apologises

BET has allegedly suspended a producer over a “joke” about Beyoncé and Jay Z‘s 2 year old daughter that aired on the music video countdown show, “106 & Park.” 311 more words


Dillon Taylor And The Race Card

I was tracking the latest news over the string of unfortunate incidents related to the shooting death of the unarmed black Michael Brown by white Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson, Missouri police department when I ran across an article about the shooting death of white Dillon Taylor by a black police officer in Salt Lake City, Utah.  1,251 more words