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Does This Make Me Look Fat?

Inquiring minds want to know…if you are a black hole that is.

Scientists are quite sure why black holes get so big.  As the name implies, supermassive black holes are millions of times more massive than the Sun. 313 more words

Play And No Work

A Candle in the Darkness?

A Candle in the Darkness?

We all understand the concept of lighting a candle in the darkness.

A candle will always light up a dark room just as love always wins over hate. 281 more words


“Black Hole” to be launched on August 28


Submarine “Stary Oskol” to be launched on August 28 at the Admiralty Shipyards in St. Petersburg, Interfax reported, citing the Ministry of Defense.

“Stary Oskol” is the third multi-purpose diesel-electric submarine of the series 636.3, for his reticence it has received NATO’s nickname “Black Hole”. 49 more words

Falling Into Starlight

I am falling.

I have been caught by a monster which cannot be seen, but for the path of destruction it carves through the cosmos. It pulls me in, and as I plummet, the universe bends and folds back on itself, and for a brief moment I can see everything that is and ever was. 892 more words

Short Story

Darkmere: New cover

After a spate of sinister drownings in Darkmere a pontoon is built over the centre of the lake. The pontoon is covered and sealed off from the public. 181 more words