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RECAP: BizTalk Summit 2014 - Australia

Last Friday I had the privilege of attending the final session of the inaugural BizTalk Summit in Australia, sponsored by BizTalk360 and Mexia Consulting… 994 more words


BizTalk Server 2013: Step-by-Step to implement Unit Testing in Schemas and Maps (Part 2)

In my last post I explained how to implement Unit Testing in Schemas and Maps in BizTalk Server 2013 project within Visual Studio 2012. I also describe that there is an issue when we try to perform Unit Testing in maps and each time we try to run the unit test it give us the following error: “Microsoft.BizTalk.TestTools.BizTalkTestAssertFailException: Transform Failure” 589 more words


AS2 EDI Payload Content Type Won’t Change From text/xml

I recently needed to update the EDI content type for an integration from the default text/xml to application/edi-x12.  We were testing sample EDI 850 documents to ensure connectivity between my client and the partner. 313 more words


BizTalk Server 2013: Step-by-Step to implement Unit Testing in Schemas and Maps

To implement BizTalk Server 2013 unit test within Visual Studio 2012 to test Schemas and Map we need to:

  • Open your BizTalk Project in Visual Studio.NET 2012, in this sample: “UnitTestingFeatureWithMaps.sln”
  • 971 more words

Deploying View... ERROR: The BAM deployment failed.

When following an awesome tutorial recently by Stephen Thomas hosted on PluralSight – here!  (BTW – you will only be able to access this with an active PluralSight account!!!!) 461 more words


WEBCAST: Introduction to Hybrid Connections

Last week I uploaded our fifth webcast to the Brisbane BizTalk User Group YouTube channel, this one based on a presentation I recently gave to the… 106 more words


Troubleshooting SAP connectivity

I often develop integration flows that interact with SAP and sometimes I happen to have connectivity problems for many different reasons.

Every time, I start from scratch to make troubleshooting so I decided to write a memo that I hope will be useful to others too. 205 more words