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The After-Dinner Drink

Keep it simple. Keep it classy. Keep it unique.

Cocktails can only take you so far, but there is a lot to be said about a nice glass of wine. 113 more words

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FINALLY! Happy Hour is upon us!

With the clock ticking to quitting time or approaching that evening break from the daily grind, it’s time for a relaxer. The Fee Brothers have just what you need. 91 more words

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Is it 5 O'Clock yet?

It’s not… but is 5 o’clock somewhere. So let’s keep going. The Bitter Truth is also another favorite at POMiami. I did warn you that we offer a variety of bitters for your cocktails. 67 more words

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A New Take on Throwback Thursday

In honor of the ongoing throw back Thursday (TBT), let’s throw back a few classic cocktails. Here’s a quick starter:

A premium cocktail has evolved beyond the mixing of any number of liquids. 78 more words

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Gin and St Germain Cocktail with Rosemary and Citrus

I’ve been experimenting with cocktails lately. Generally, I prefer to leaving the art of mixology to the professionals, and get fancy cocktails when I’m at a restaurant or bar. 321 more words


Sazerac - The Official Drink of New Orleans and of Liencuisine!!!

The Sazerac is one of my favorite cocktails, but not readily available at local Salem establishments. Portland, on the other hand can fix you us. The local scarcity might be due to the ingredients (that mysterious Absinthe ingredient not available in the US until 2007); the lack of education of the bartender in the making of it; or more likely the lack of knowledge of the wonders of the concoction by the drinking public. 690 more words

Tiki Oasis 2014 Is Here!

Tiki Oasis starts today!  I’m in the middle of doing final preparation for my symposium this afternoon, The Bitter Side of Tiki.  Since tomorrow (August 16) is… 222 more words