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Daft Cunt

You’re a fucking daft cunt

A waste of air, a waste of time

You’re as welcome as an infected boil on my ass

And I doubt… 64 more words

New Age Writers

Venting, Burning, Destroying


Today I had to vent to my friend about what this she did. Yeah, I have to vent a lot about this or I’ll get stressed out. 1,207 more words



“an apology might help, but you can change your life without one.”
– robin quivers

feeling bitter (and admitedly inebriated), i e-mailed my ex-friend… 131 more words


Cold Beer

You hand it to me

I am hesitant

Your smile is intoxicating

So I forget

For a second

The bitter after taste

So cold

The can melts in my hand… 127 more words


199. Courage Best Bitter

So nearly at 200. I’m rather glad I chose this to be 199, as it’s hardly something to celebrate a milestone with. As with many “Best” bitter’s this is in fact the least exciting beer that Courage do. 48 more words

Two Star

Bank Top Brewery Flat Cap Bitter

I recently tried this golden bitter from the Bank Top Brewery whilst at The Red Lion in Skipton.  Being a Yorkshireman I would normally be too bigoted to try something from Bolton, but being visually imapired I didn’t notice that bit! 110 more words



A Negroni is probably the easiest cocktail to make.  This is a classic, bitter cocktail.  The bitterness comes from the Campari, and for some can be an acquired taste, but one that you will begin to crave. 40 more words