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September 1st 12:10PM

Just text Amy.

Me: Dirty bitch. >.>


Birth Month

Because it is officially my birth month, here’s something I wanna share with you guys! Haha!!

PH – Von Oneil Buenconsejo
S – Austeen Soriano… 9 more words


Do I Hate This Bitch..

Okay so there’s this girl, lets call her Gail, she’s in my college course and this girl has done so many awful and ridiculous things over the past year i’ve known her, lets start with: 444 more words

About Me

The Succubus Diaries

“Get me another beer, you little shit. Make yourself useful for once in your goddamn life. Stop standing there like a little retard. NOW!” My father pointed toward the kitchen, steaming with rage. 4,819 more words

Short Stories


I can’t leave my mum alone with that disgusting man. It’s scary for me every single time when they’re alone. I don’t know how mentally damaged she gets every time he says something. 58 more words


The only time the
rabbit eats hay is when he’s
hand fed. What a bitch.

I'm Sallie Mae's Bitch!

So I have not blogged in a while cause not only was I dealing with the traumatic experience of my daughter starting Kindergarten, a week later I was faced with my own back to school demons. 230 more words