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Love Substitutes

This week we interviewed the fabulous Kirsty Logan about her book ‘The Rental Heart’, her experiences being a queer author writing queer stories, and what the road to… 6,971 more words


Tips On Coming Out Of The Closet

Coming out of the closet used to be the most hardest thing one could do, especially if you came out before 2010. Today society has started to acknowledge our existence and whether they accept you or not, that’s entirely their problem. 657 more words


The Funny Things Life Does

So life doesn’t always go according to plan. Shocking I know……

Why is it that life insists on being a ridiculously fickle thing that likes to bring in twists and turns when you’re already dizzy on this roller coaster we call life? 1,459 more words


Okay.Game face. Here we go.

I’m reasonably confident and pretty tough shelled, or at least I am bloody good at faking it, but I can’t pretend it doesn’t frustrate me when people; tell me I’m greedy, tell me I’m contrary, tell me I must be easy, assume it’s okay to check other girls/guys out and that I won’t mind if they do and best of all tell me I’m only going through a phase, just because I’m bisexual. 







Let me first explain what I want to do here

I’m not sure how to start this blog, so I’m starting with a post where I try to describe why I started this.  I’m starting “ 136 more words



Dear me,

I’ve decided to write this blog as a series of letters to you, my future self, because I’ve realised I don’t really know how the hell to write a blog.   350 more words

Coming out later in life

I realised I was gay at the age of 34.  To quote my mother “but you’re an intelligent person, how could you not have known?”.  I don’t know. 718 more words