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The Armada

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Cute ducklings preceded by a dragonfly (click to enlarge and view). It’s one of those times when you only discover everything you captured in the frame after you view it on your computer. 145 more words


greater egret

I’ve been timing my coast walks close to high tide so it was after 2pm that I made today’s trek. The only shore birds evident were the usual suspects, these Black-winged Stilts. 78 more words


"Mind If I Jump Through?!"

Earlier this evening we had a couple of spoonbills feeding in the salt marsh during low tide. But once one decided to fly off, he apparently concluded that the only way he could do that would be to leap over his friend. 17 more words

Wildlife Photography

The hottest walk of the year!

An anhinga drying off after a swim to catch fish.

Sad looking cardinal. I’m assuming he’s molting into adulthood.

I think this is a young least bittern. 202 more words

Bird Photography

mid-morning shore birds

A little Monterey effect via FX Photo Studio Pro to lift these snaps on what is a very bright and warm Spring Eve day. 


Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Adult Female

Adult Male
Adult MaleBreeding


Adult Female and Fledgling

An elegant gray and salmon-pink flycatcher festooned with an absurdly long tail, the… 262 more words