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Crazy ducks in downtown Lakeland

“Hey lady, can you turn out the light?” said the muscovy duck.

“I’m a happy duck.” said the some sort of mallard hybrid.

“Going for a swim.” said another mallard hybrid. 208 more words

Bird Photography

Fierce Hummingbird - 01Aug2014

Late in the evening, when hummers are wanting to top off before retiring, this guy was playing guard on all seven feeders in back. 

You can see the result of one encounter with what it considered trespassers on more sugared water than it could drink in a month.  638 more words


Wood Duck and Duckling (and a word on exploration)

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There are many reasons to pick up a camera from documenting your family to just having fun. 145 more words


LITTLE BLACK CORMORANT (Phalacrocorax sulcirostris) - Royal Botanic Gardens

I spied a whole row of Little Black Cormorants on some half-submerged tree stumps yesterday.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my longer telephoto lens (or a tripod) as I was walking for some exercise more than intent on making photos. 133 more words

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Dining at the lake -- 8 images

On another quick trip into Geneva yesterday we spent a half hour or so on Île Rousseau again. Once again I was reminded why I try never to go anywhere without a camera with me. 175 more words


Security Provided By "Radar"

Yesterday evening in the salt marsh, in addition to a pair of spoonbills, our egret friend “Radar” was also on duty keeping his usual eye on things. 161 more words

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