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There are probably a hundred reasons to quit smoking. I’m going to narrow it to a few that are relevant to me.

One –

Cost. At $25 a pack (a buck a cigarette) it’s just nuts to keep it up. 369 more words


I am terrible at being normal and even worse at having bi-polar disorder.

I haven’t posted in a while and the few followers I have deserve an update. I have had some pretty crappy days. Days when my kids aren’t home I sleep all day. 984 more words


Ännu Positiv!

Sitter här och avslutar min frukost och kollar nyhetsmorgon som vanligt eller hmm.. Har ju varit lite från och till med det då jag vaknat sent men nu GOSH jag känner mig så mycket piggare! 503 more words

Permission to Be Happy

Or how about this — how about stop giving the dark side of Rosa the power to control smile, worth, and attitude?  To shame and to increase self-blame and to think ever-so-lowly of oneself?   332 more words


Hi High High!

The mania has arrived…I’ve been trained at this point to recognize it and I haven’t yet decided whether or not I’m grateful for that. Before it had a title…before it was attached to my illness as a symptom, as a defining characteristic…I thought of it as “a good mood,” “things looking up,” “inspiration,” “creativity,” “a burst of energy.” 406 more words


How I Got My Husband Put In The Hospital

Mania can be a devastating blow to your family. Sometimes with many long-lasting consequences. It can take years to mend relationships and finances. There can be job loss, hospitalization and even incarceration. 605 more words


God and Bipolar

I just spent four beautiful days in the cool mountains. It was an awesome break from the summer. My friends (who own the cabin we stayed in) are fantastic.They understand my bipolar and support me through it. 1,159 more words