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Thorns In My Paw

I am like a magnet for “what fresh hell…”
Let’s see..family cookout. Fairly uneventful except I could tell Bex was so nervous it was making her sickly. 749 more words


Frank Bruno Email

I sent an email to Frank Bruno, a famous British boxer, in order that he might write a positive message for MEN HEAL:

Dear Frank… 259 more words


No way out

There’s no way out because I am well aware the problem is in my head. It is never going to go away. It might never get any easier than it is right now. 306 more words

two shots of gin

Two shots of gin

The bottle of Beefeater gin was staring at me all day. So I had a few shots. I know it wasn’t the smartest thing I have done but since I left the hospital, I have been thirsty for an adult beverage. 1,041 more words


Psychiatry Strikes Back

I had my second appointment with the APN on Friday. It was at 4:30pm and I was a little late so I guess that played into it because it was near closing time but… she seemed very rushed. 1,152 more words

Mental Health


I try to block things out. I try to ignore things. I try to suppress shit. I don’t want to deal with the things that I need to deal with. 163 more words

This is for me. This is for all of us.

The news of Robin Williams suicide is weighing–heavy on my chest. Why? Because I, too, have Bipolar Disorder. I, too, have attempted suicide. I feel like I have lost one of my own – not just an entertainer I admire, but a brother in suffering, silently. 571 more words