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Oh man, nothing makes me so angry as when people peddle misinformation as being fact, especially when it comes to psychiatric medications. While I acknowledge that not all people are helped by them and that some have bad reactions to them, … 1,182 more words

Bipolar Disorder Myths: It’s all in Your Head

I hate it when people look at me when I’m depressed and tell me I could just stop if I wanted to. I hate when I’m manic and people tell me I can just “calm down”. 655 more words

Bipolar Disorder Manic

Kurt Cobain

American singer and songwriter Kurt Cobain suffered from ADHD as a child and Bipolar Disorder as an adult. He also battled with substance abuse, as he used heroin to combat a chronic stomach issue he had. 7 more words


Just another day in paradise....OR NOT!

So I feel as if I am wasting my time even writing a blog about my day. It was long, tiring, exhausting and uneventful. The most “exciting” thing that happened to me was the fact that I was jolted wide awake by a horrible dream. 237 more words

agitated ramble

I didn’t have therapy today. I was hoping a spot would open up but it never happened. Now I have to wait till Tuesday to talk to my therapist again. 958 more words


Identity Post Number 1,233,459

I’ve addressed this issue many times on this blog.  I honestly thought that once I figured it all out, I would know who I am and that would be that.  575 more words

Eating Disorders