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two shots of gin

Two shots of gin

The bottle of Beefeater gin was staring at me all day. So I had a few shots. I know it wasn’t the smartest thing I have done but since I left the hospital, I have been thirsty for an adult beverage. 1,041 more words


True Life Lessons: Good Friends are Hard to Hold On To

Having and keeping friends when you have bipolar disorder can be difficult. While I don’t want to say it is impossible to have friends when you are bipolar, I do believe that this can complicate friendships. 1,149 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Handling difficult emotions: A Simple PDF.

By Angelica Shiels Psy.D

A while back, I created a  document for some of the teenagers I see in therapy (For therapists:  It combines CBT and DBT, addressing some common thinking errors, validation, radical acceptance, and distress tolerance in a SIMPLE FORM.  209 more words


Treating Bipolar Disorder: A Guide

A wonderful stranger, Laura Chapman, reached out to me about a piece of her writing, which she hopes will be a helpful resource for those who have been dealing with Bipolar Disorder. 80 more words


Claire's Column for September 2014

Hi guys and gals! Did you have a good summer? Hope so.

This month’s question has to do with a subject that is getting a lot of press lately (and rightly so). 442 more words

Claire's Column

New Genes Found that Link to Bipolar Disorder

Robert Maynard Bipolar Blog

According to Psych Central, scientists have discovered a new gene that is linked with an enzyme that conducts neural signs that causes bipolar disorder. 313 more words

Robert Maynard Lifelock

Meeting someone new

So, it’s been a few days since, but I met someone the other night and I think I really like him (gasp)! I’ll spare the details and just say, he’s peaked my interest and I’ve spent a lot of time with him and am just a giddy ball of girly energy that just can’t stop fantasizing… 281 more words