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Ugh. Math and Science make my insides want to fold in upon each other, shrivel up, and die.

As I write this lab report over  152 more words


Day 0470

Now there’s a feeling I haven’t had in a good long while: attraction to a male human being.
It’s especially nice as there is no potential for it to go anywhere, just that nice thrum of enjoying someone’s physical company. 58 more words

5 Creatures Named After Your Favorite Sci-Fi & Fantasy Stories

Anytime a new species is discovered, a scientist publishes a description of the species to add it to the official record. This description must be very detailed and accurate to avoid any confusion with similar species. 906 more words


Growing Bacteria: the Little Guys Around Us

Growing bacteria can be fantastically gross and interesting – and it’s a great way to get participants thinking about the environment around them!


  • Easy-to-prepare petri dishes and nutrient agar from…
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A Shot in the Dark - The Perils of Sharing Vaccine Science

One of Wikipedia’s most interesting articles is simply titled “List of common misconceptions.” The contents range from the invention of baseball (Alexander Cartwright… 678 more words

Science In Society


a boy, alone, shadows, crafted by leaves, filtered sunlight, these empty days, with no obligations, wandering wonders, of the world, this moment, heart pounding, he runs, chasing the hunted, hunted by a hunter, swift, silent, silence, look right, look left, up, swerves, he whirls, the unknown still unknown, dusk, rods and cones, mesopic optics confused, blue, green, dark blood, drips slowly, drop, surrounded, he flees, raised among the markets, he retreats, returns to them, passing tree upon tree, dodge, duck, jump, hide, sprint, back back back, to the artificial, light, light of man, man’s lit streets, beasts cannot roam, the ones created by nature, disallowed, too afraid, unable to survive, this maze of brick, steel, dung, motive means, rigid paths, paved more, less, to drive, anonymous exchange, eye of God, attempts, a reminder, that indeed we do trust, that, which isn’t, what, a boy, should know.


8. Metabolic Pathways

Learning Intention

Describe metabolic pathways as a series of linked reactions with an ultimate purpose(s).

Success Criteria

Describe a (bio)chemical reaction

Give examples of how more than one chemical reaction is required for a process/pathway to occur… 522 more words