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Science Book a Day Interviews Richard Robinson

Special thanks to Steve Jenkins for answering 5 questions about his recently featured book – My Manager and Other Animals

Richard is best known for building and voicing puppets for various television series such as… 740 more words


More Biological Perspective

I just saw this article (How the woman got her period by Suzanne Sadedin, PhD), and found it pretty fascinating on how menstruation and pregnancy in humans (and close relatives) is so different from other animals. 316 more words


Hypermobility, Episode 2: The flesh machine

At this point there is disagreement over whether hypermobility syndrome – HMS – is simply a subclass of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or a separate disorder. What is known, is that the problem of generalised hypermobility (where it affects all joints, and is not just an issue of shallow sockets) is a problem of collagen. 2,159 more words

AP Biology... Let the tears ensue

As the summer came to a close I was SO excited to get back to school; I would see my friends again, I wouldn’t have to double up on sciences for a second year in a row. 205 more words

From The New York Times: "Parasites Practicing Mind Control"

The New York Times

AUG. 28, 2014
Carl Zimmer

An unassuming single-celled organism called Toxoplasma gondii is one of the most successful parasites on Earth, infecting an estimated 11 percent of Americans and perhaps half of all people worldwide. 1,062 more words

Applied Research & Technology

Is the Word 'Tangerine' Racist?

Upon discovering that the word tangerine means ‘inhabitant of Tangier (Tanger in the Romance langauges, Ṭanjah /t̪ʕandʒa/ in Arabic)’, and that the term was used to refer to Sub-Saharan soldiers and slaves in Al Andalus as well as the fruit, it occured to me that the term might be racist, similar to the name… 76 more words