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Budgeting Made Easy


As much because the world hates to admit it, there’s no such factor as a cash tree. With the value of living increasing and wages staying a similar, the necessity for an honest finances is a lot of necessary than ever.  1,315 more words

Joining the dots between bills and legislative instruments

A boon (or curse, depending on your perspective) of the PJCHR’s scrutiny mandate is that it covers it all – bills, legislative instruments, and Acts. Which means that, as the PJCHR’s body of work expands, it will become increasingly vital for the committee to be mindful of the potential for legislation that comes before it to be interrelated. 655 more words

Parliamentary Joint Committee On Human Rights

Jim Wells, creationism and the criminal justice bill.

The perpetually blundering and blubbering, Jim Wells, MLA has proposed an amendment to the criminal justice bill which will effectively block private clinics from performing terminations during early stage pregnancy in Northern Ireland. 417 more words


What It Took To Build Her Was Almost Enough To Kill Her (And Us) Part 3: Chasing Ghosts

I coach my oldest son’s football team, and we had practice Saturday morning. I let J know the night before that he’d have the house to himself until about lunch time, then I’d clean up and we’d head down to Jonesboro just before dinner. 1,806 more words


Calif. On Verge Of Regulating Groundwater Supply For 1st Time

SACRAMENTO (CBS/AP) — California is on the verge of regulating its groundwater supply for the first time, as the worst drought in a generation pushed state leaders to overhaul the state’s longstanding “pump-as-you-please” policy. 330 more words


Victoria Osteen, Out of Context Cosby, and What Worship Really Means

Yesterday one of my friends posted a link to this funny video on youtube: 

When I first watched the video yesterday it had around 5,000 views and two comments.   600 more words