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Snører sekken og drar til Barcelona. Vi snakkes Bergen, grå skyer og de syv fjell. Hei til varmegrader, badeland og bryllup. Enda en ferie, dette blir bra!


Blessed are the lawnmenders

We are thoroughly enjoying our trip but perhaps the amount of information is taking its toll and perhaps also our eyesight is not as good as it used to be. 360 more words


March of the trolls

Day 12 in Bergen was the first totally grey and wet day we have had on our trip so far. How lucky have we been. … 459 more words


Van creativiteitsling tot even James Bond

De eerste zonnestralen ontwaken over de heuveltoppen. Glinsterende olijfbladeren reflecteren in mijn zonnebril om mijn tegenliggers te verblinden. Het vochtige grind maakt mijn geslenter zichtbaar, een lang pad voor mij uit. 479 more words

Roger Van Gelder


The first time I visited Norway was in 2000. It would have never occurred to me to spend my holidays that far North. I imagined Norway to be cold, dark and terribly boring. 772 more words


Planet Earth is an "odah we salah"

There’s an expression in Arabic that we use when trying to describe how small a place can be that you’re guaranteed to run into someone you know. 730 more words


-Almost- sunset :)

You don’t always get what you want, and this is one example. I was heading towards a new spot to shot thinking with time to spare. 68 more words