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Just because I'm a scientist doesn't mean I don't have feelings.

I like science, I am a qualified scientist that ‘does’ science and sometimes I even get called the science lady by small children which I find quite charming. 889 more words


The Ugly truth of technology

I myself is truly starting to see the impact phones have on a person. It is able to adapt your own mindset in ways where wanting to know others business has become a must. 148 more words

I Have To Start This Out Right

I need to find a good way to let everything out to my parents, that I identify as a Golden jackal, without too much backlash and controversy. 783 more words

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Dear Christian

I’m a Christian. I believe in Jesus, the only Son of God.  He died on the cross for my sins.  I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and the gift of prophecy.  705 more words

Obstacles of LIFE

When an obstacle is approached however big, thy small, it shall be approached with caution and coherence. For whatever may happen, may have an unattractive side.

How can God have physical families?! This is a characteristic of a cult - WMSCOG!

“How is it possible for Ahnsahnghong to marry another woman if he was already married  and had children? This is evil!!! This is a cult!!!” 278 more words


Life's Lessons.....So Far

When I was a teenager, I thought I knew it all. What teenager doesn’t, right? Little did I know how much I would learn after marriage, becoming a parent, and experiencing things throughout my life. 172 more words