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Your Creative Role

We wish to acknowledge you for understanding Your Creative Role in all of this that you are experiencing, and we wish to say that you are doing so well, but you will recognize that you have remnants of an old belief that is still resonating for you. 189 more words

We Invite You

Acknowledge your Beliefs

Oh, there is great power in Acknowledging the wrong (limiting) beliefs that you have created in your life, and Changing them. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

Playing Catch Up

The “I” is the reference

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Beliefs systems are meant to enhance the “I.”
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Treating yourself with Ease

We will acknowledge you for the ease with which you are treating yourself today. And we know that there are thoughts and beliefs that are residing beneath, within you still, about the inappropriateness of your ease when your (family members), and so many others are working so hard. 67 more words

Playing Catch Up

Pentecost 87

Pentecost 87
My Psalm 87

Everyday Joy!


Recently I read an article written by Kevin Martineau. Kevin is a minister at Port Hardy Baptist Church, located on North Vancouver Island in British Columbia. 914 more words

Jennifer Lawrence vs The Creepers

I’ve been pondering some thoughts for a couple days now since Jennifer Lawrence became yet another celebrity victim of nude photos leaking across the internet, and I don’t know that I’ve come to much in the way of ground breaking  realizations on the subject, but I do have some thoughts. 736 more words

Will we let Britain get invaded? Of course not!

I will start this by saying….Why should certain humans have to resort to hiding In the shadows, if they have an Idea tell the world… Surely that’s the best possible answer! 94 more words