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love imperfect

God made each of us with the need to love and be loved. In John 13:34 we were commanded to love, as in many other examples in scripture. 327 more words

Human Behavior

Kidding Ourselves

Why do we like to feel in control? Why do we continue to rely on supernatural things, like deities, instead of ditching those beliefs for reality? 702 more words


The dreaded fortnightly visits

I have noticed a pattern, it’s cyclical and it’s every two weeks.  The first week I feel fine, the second week I start to get emotional and stressed, frustrated and angry, and so it goes on.   614 more words


I only believe what I see

This was a comment I received to one of my posts in social media earlier today. Wow.
Do you believe Santa Claus is white like Fox news’s Megan Kelly? 187 more words

Diabtribe on Bumper Stickers

If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic, it’s probable that—at least on a few occasions—you past your time by reading bumper stickers on the cars around you. 341 more words

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How to breakup with your ego, and fall in love with yourself

This post was inspired by recent events. When I’m in intense pain and want answers as to why we people make the decisions that we make, I often journal. 433 more words

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