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Beirut's Streets Part 1

Acknowledgement: Annelie Miles, The abandoned houses addict ! 32 more words


Have you ever tried making Home made - Hummus?

Have you ever tried making Hummus at home?

Here is your chance a full recipe from a Middle-Eastern Mother – have it your way Hummus.


Elie Tahari and Dior meet the Lebanese bus system

There I was waiting for a cab, wearing one my favorite Elie Tahari dresses and one my treasured Dior heels, when a bus came to a halt in front of me. 125 more words

The Move

New Life, New City, New Playlist

Hearing TV On The Radio’s song “DLZ” while walking past the intimidating Hungarian Parliament from across the Danube. Imagining the story of Animal Collective’s “In The Flowers” play out in the hills of Portugal while on a bus between Lisbon and Nazaré. 1,788 more words

Lebanon and China?

How fantastic is Karim Khneisser? Here using a Chinese Harp (More cultural collision) to make ethereal surreal heavenly music. Lebanese based, Karim is one of those all rounders who is taking advantage of his good ear to create sounds for commercials movies. 30 more words


A conversation with Ashraf Rifi about the IS flag burning.

Conversation with Rifi :

Lebanese Ctizen : “Alo ? Yes, how are you minister, have you heard about the beheading of the Lebanese Soldier ?” 132 more words

Comments On Events.

Stephanie's favorite series: "Game Of Thrones"

If you haven’t heard of this series yet you must be living under a rock, this drama-fantasy series that is based on the books by George Martin has been breaking records through its 4 seasons. 327 more words