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Continuing with our Sci-fi shorts showcase here is A7-058. A  short  produced, written, and shot by Brian Tooker. Directed by Joshua DuMond, this experimental film plays around with a staple of the space Sci-Fi world, the sub genre of an individual awakening from cryo sleep to find themselves alone and drifting in the vastness of space.  56 more words


part of being

where it shields and what it hides

and how many voices are gonna tell

a lie and hope it stays and it leaves

with a further factor… 45 more words


It’s amazing...

… how many cares disappear when you decide not to be something, but to be someone.

- Coco Chanel


friends...what friends??.......

I am more than aware that if you want a strong readership of your blog you must a) write frequently, and b) respond with urgency to all comments…..sigh – it would seem I have failed on both counts, but to be fair to myself, I didn’t start this blog to get 500,000 readers a day. 249 more words


“It is the light that encourages the flower to open up to the world.”

I see that all things must be done in love if I am to remember all the things I already know but forgot when I entered this human life and grow towards who and what I am. 195 more words

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

John Lu

Today, I was mind-boggled by Sir Garcia’s statement. “It’s better to be than not to be.” Once I heard this, I suddenly remembered a book I read back in high school. 197 more words


Reality and a dream,
dreaming awake,
awakened in the dream,
Lucidity and levitations.

Only the naked, empty
and depleted need be
lured here, beyond.

Placeless places, 25 more words